Flexible Circuits

Flexible Printed Circuits (FPC) is a kind of printed circuit, which possessed with high reliability, best flexibility and be made from Ployimide and Polyester film, this kind of printed circuits also possessed with shrinkage, flexibility, fold, light weight, small volume, good diffusion heat, convenience for set, Having broken through the traditional concept of interconnect, FPC will be widely applied in every field day-by-day.

* The style of production:
Single sidedDouble sidedMulti-layersRigid-flex

* Product Finishing:
Immersion Nickel-gold bondable gold plating
Electrolgtic Tin-lead plating
Electrolgtic Gold plating
Anti-Tarnish coating (on bare copper).

* The characteristic of production:
flexibility, occupied small space, light weight, good seal function, stable to transport, good craft of assemble, good insulation.

* Application:
automatic apparatus gauge, the outside's apparatus of computer, working equipment, the equipment of communication, the gauge of autocar, air gauge, camera, mobile telephone, electronic balance, mobile telephone battery, sensor, vision telephone, magnetic initial, toy etc.

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