Manufacturing Capacity

We provide manufacturing solutions that cover the followings:

- Complete final product assembly ( Box Build ).
- Printed Circuit Board Assemblies.
- Flex-circuit Assembly.
- Modular Component Assembly.

Our manufacturing services include the followings:

- Full turnkey with MRP System.
- Complete logistics monitoring.
- PTH component assemblies with wave soldering supports .
- BGA/CSP/Flip Chip surface mount assemblies.
- Full electrical Tests - In-circuit and functional.
- X-Ray PCBA Inspection monitoring system .
- Burn-in capability.
- Quality and reliability Engineering.

SMT Process Capabilities

Surface Mount processes: Fine-pitch up to 12 mils (0.3mm) & chip size up-to 0201 (0603).
Advanced component placement techniques including BGA, uBGA, CSP and Flip Chip packages.
Rework and re-balling of BGAs.