Company Profile


Onlitex Electronic Holding Limited found in 2005,located in Guangdong Province, China, is one of the professional electronics contract manufacturers in South China. Our focused experience in printed circuit board assembly service and flexible circuit boards has gained Onlitex the reputation as a very cost-effective and reliable source for a wide range of electronic products field.
Onlitex continues to expand through the acquisition of state-of-the-art equipment and the development of advanced processing systems. We have a continuing process of building a team that is knowledgeable, experienced and understand the importance of careful listening. We look forward to meeting and exceeding the high expectations of our customers and attaining our mutual goals for a long-term partnership.
Our application engineers welcome the opportunity to assist you in developing products to fit your particular applications. Pride in workmanship is our goal, and striving to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. From the moment your order arrives, our dedicated staff of professionals guarantees the success of your project.


We also offer a wide range of materials to meet your specific requirements. We can perform many additional secondary processes and enhancements such as forming, creasing, coating, adding stiffeners and selective adhesives. Our staff of application engineers will work with you to incorporate these additional features.


Onlitex's material management team can be summed up in one word, responsive. From value analysis to overseas sourcing, managing materials is where we excel. Onlitex collaborates closely with the customer, purchasing material according to the customer contract throughout the complete product lifecycle.
Our high volume purchasing levels and years of purchasing experience means that our customers will benefit from incredible buying power giving them advantages of economies of scale. Onlitex uses supply chain management to additionally reduce total landed product costs.
Being a global manufacturing partner, means we can leverage our factory presence in China for our customer's benefit. Worldwide sourcing provides the lowest total cost for our customers without sacrificing quality. Rigorous vendor qualification programs ensure we procure only quality components.
Our commitment to Just In Time concepts means our inventories are kept under control, saving our customers money. In addition, Onlitex offers our customers significant value-added materials management services in the areas of supplier selection, raw material management and component selection, planning, forecasting and cost reductions.
Onlitex's focus on customer communication and strong supply base relationships enables our customers to entrust us with the management of the entire supply chain, from design to delivery.


At Onlitex quality is designed into every product we produced. In addition to rigorous production inspections, our quality control standards are set by our ISO certification. Inspections and records are kept in accordance with these standards at every checkpoint in the manufacturing process. Our highly trained staff is constantly monitoring these controls to insure quality products on every order. Our products meet or exceed IPC standards and we can provide U.L. approved circuits from a wide variety of UL recognized material.